Welcome to Thyroid Blog

Welcome to Thyroid Blog! We are Wilmington Endocrinology, a private practice located in Wilmington, North Carolina and our focus is thyroid disease, thyroid nodules & thyroid malignancy. It is our hope – with this blog – to better educate our patients and those interested in learning more about thyroid disorders. Our providers are Ghobad Azizi, MD and Michelle Lewis, PA-C and our blog editors are Selby Li, Karly Rivenbark and Amanda Wager.

We are happy to let you know that we are continuing to update our websites to improve patients’ knowledge and understanding of complex medical conditions. One way we’re doing this is by adding a blog to our website.

We feel you, as a thyroid patient, have a very compelling story and we invite you to share it with other patients through our blog. We are asking you to contribute your objective experience. We hope you will take a moment to objectively tell us about your unique thyroid experience – what you went through, how you handled it, and what you wish you had known in the beginning.

The following topics are of interest for our blog: hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hashimoto thyroiditis, thyroid nodule, thyroid cancer, and family history of thyroid problems.

All comments will be anonymous and confidential. Our blog editor will be responsible for entry selection and editing. Please send all comments and submissions to blog@wilmingtonendo.com.