Wilmington Endocrinology is pleased to present THYROIDX®, a new service to our patients.

THYROIDX® is a new way of performing thyroid nodule examination and thyroid nodule biopsy to detect thyroid malignancy as early as possible

THYROIDX® allows simultaneous 2-plane – longitudinal and transverse – view of the thyroid gland and thyroid nodule during ultrasound exam and fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB).

2-plane ultrasound has been used in cardiology for echocardiography.

This technology can provide great benefit in thyroid fine needle biopsy. This technique has not been used previously.

In addition to visualizing nodules in 2 views simultaneously, THYROIDX® can provide 3D exam of the thyroid gland and with 4D biopsy of thyroid nodules.