Wilmington Endocrinology is pleased to announce 3DPARATHYROID SM and 4DPARATHYROID SM!
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Recognition & more: Dr. Azizi recently joined the 2017 UnitedHealthcare Southeast Region Medical Advisory Committee!
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Case of the Month!! Can you guess the diagnosis of this 5mm hypoechoic lesion?
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Two new hyperthyroid gland videos are live now on our YouTube page. They show impressive examples of a hot thyroid nodule and a vascular hyperthyroid gland.
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EJR July 2016 Cover
We are happy to announce that our latest article, "Shear Wave Elastography and Parathyroid Adenoma: A New Tool for Diagnosing Parathyroid Adenomas," has been accepted for publication at the European Journal of Radiology! We invite you to read and download, free of charge, the open-access full-text HERE.


"Detecting Tomorrow's Cancer Today"

We are advancing cancer technology in the art of thyroid cancer detection through several technologies that have the potential to become part of the standard in thyroid ultrasound examination. Elastography, 3D Thyroid and ThyroidXSM are all advancing technologies that may become the standard in early, non-invasive thyroid cancer detection. Learn more about the future of thyroid cancer detection technology.

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The thyroid belongs to the endocrine system and is responsible for regulating your metabolism and growth hormones. There are several types of issues Wilmington Endocrinology treats that are attributed to the thyroid. Hashimoto’s Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules are all issues Dr. Azizi and his team specialize in detecting and treating.

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Dr. Azizi and his team are dedicated to providing you the latest advancements in thyroid cancer detection and treatment. Dr. Azizi holds Patients’ Choice recognition, which reflects the difference he has made in the lives of his patients. Wilmington Endocrinology has several educational resources for you to learn about your options. Should you have questions, please call our office. We would be happy to help.

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